Here are some remarks from our satisfied clients:

“We had a home fire which resulted in a 70% loss. We were rebuilding within our same framework, but we wanted a larger master bath and a walk-in closet. Even our two contractors couldn’t offer a good solution. We had determined it wasn’t feasible, and then I remembered Angie and asked her to come and look. She developed a plan that gave me everything I wanted and all within our space. The contractors were both impressed, and my husband and I are thrilled with the outcome!”

“Have you ever dreamed of being on HGTV and experiencing the surprise of having your home made over? My dream was turned into reality thanks to Angela. Here’s my story: My husband had recently passed away, and I needed a “new beginning”. My new beginning was redecorating my house. I really didn’t know where to start. A dear friend, Angela Francis, came to my rescue. We talked about what I liked and what I wanted. The thing was – I really didn’t know what I liked or wanted. My husband was the “decorator” of the house, and I thought I liked what he liked. So the journey began. The first thing we did was set a budget – for those who know me that is funny. We shopped for furniture, and we fell in love with the same sofa and chair. The extreme makeover started. The most exciting part is that I gave Angela full reign of the design. She worked on the house for several days, and I was not allowed to see what was in all the boxes. THE BIG REVEAL: I was super excited to see what my house would look like, and I already knew that I would love it. It was more than I even dreamed of. The look and tears that people have on TV is real. It was the most beautiful house I had ever laid my eyes on. The best part is it reflected everything about me. The colors were gorgeous, the furnishings perfect; not a detail was left out. She even had a picture on my wall that looked like my baby, Levi (yes, he is a dog!). What an awesome experience and one that I will never forget.”

“Angela’s talent, knowledge and creativity achieves maximum satisfaction for her clients. Her multi-dimensional ability adds to her confidence and expertise whether building, remodeling or adding to an existing structure. Customers like myself are living testimonies of Angela’s high level of professionalism I can continually trust.”

“Angela was a pleasure to work with. Her work ethic reflects her as the strong Christian that she is. Also, Angela is flexible and works WITH you by giving direction when asked. She will do as much or as little as you want her to do. She operates with your budgetary restraints. If money is an object, she will work within that constraint without sacrificing quality. Angela provides excellent Customer Service as well. She cares and ensures that everything is right. I am pleased to have worked with her, and enjoy coming home and proud to have people come into my home. My home reflects me and not the decorator.”

“Angela was so easy to work with. She listened to our wants and desires, then made recommendations with lots of choices (color, furniture, floor covering, and accessories) for us to pick from. It was great to let her take care of contacting and making all the arrangements with the contractors. Whenever we had questions or concerns, she was always accessible and very prompt with answers. We never realized how out-dated our home had become until we saw the before and after pictures. It was a real “OMG” moment.”