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Clients often complain that their rooms just don’t work for them. Though they know exactly how they want a space to function, they are usually confused about how to get there. The same holds true for the aesthetics. They know what they like when they see it, and they envision that for their own spaces; however, they just don’t know how to achieve it.

My goal is to determine exactly what you want – how you use the space, your functional needs and your aesthetic preferences and style – and then develop a design that is not only beautiful, but also meets the demands of your lifestyle and work style.

Project Management

I work directly with contractors, painters, electricians, plumbers, cabinet makers, custom workers, etc. to coordinate schedules and to ensure that the design concept is carried out for you. I keep you abreast of the process and work with you when decisions need to be made or your involvement is needed. This alleviates stress and headaches for you, the client, and frees you to carry on with the everyday demands of your life.


For me it always starts here. Clients often complain that their spaces just don’t work for them. In an existing space where walls are already defined, I determine the best layouts for furniture, fixtures, etc. taking into consideration traffic flow, function and balance. Perhaps you have a wide-open commercial space that needs to accommodate offices, conference room, restrooms, reception, etc., I determine the best layouts with consideration to needed spatial relationships. I prepare drawings and/or renderings for the client to convey these concepts and working drawings for contractors/builders.


Interior Design is more than picking out a sofa or choosing a paint color. There are numerous decisions that need to be made from lighting to flooring (floor to ceiling). Researching products is often mandatory in order to select the right product for any given application. How many lumens will light this space? Is this tile slip-resistant? Will that proposed water feature increase noise levels? Will these products meet budget and time restraints?

My job is to take the information overload and the worry, time and stress off of the clients and make the process as simple as possible. Who knew so much work went into the composition of that space? After all, the end result should be simply beautiful!


There are three types of lighting – ambient, task and accent. Ambient lighting is the overall illumination of the space. Task lighting provides illumination for specific activities such as food preparation or reading. Accent lighting adds interest and drama or lights a specific object, such as artwork or a textured wall. It is always recommended that all three types be used in any given space, and I try to do just that to optimize function and beauty.


As you would expect, I meticulously select furniture, fabrics and finishes for any given project. However, I go beyond just the expected decorating and incorporate design concepts that may include such things as architectural detail and spatial alterations. Many spaces lack character or architectural features, so I present options to add interest within the space. Unexpected details, whether small or large, are what make spaces more interesting.


Custom units are sometimes the best option for your space, allowing you to obtain exactly what you need for how you use the space. We often think of kitchens and bathrooms for custom units, but many times custom can be the best solution to optimize traffic flow, function or other challenges.


Custom Window Treatments Fabric window treatments can absolutely change the dynamic of a space. It can soften a space and add visual impact for a personalized design. I produce customized window treatments that complement your space and your style. With numerous fabric companies at my disposal, we’re sure to find the fabric and window treatment that perfectly enhances your space.


Can’t find exactly what you are looking for? Look no further. Custom bedspreads, duvet covers, pillows, etc. allows you options you can’t find in the store. With numerous fabric and trim options, we can customize creations to complement any décor.


Sometimes you just can’t find exactly what you need – so we design it and have it made!


Accessories Area rugs, pillows, table top items, artwork and beautiful objects are all what make a room come alive and really make the room look cohesive, comfortable and beautiful. It’s also an opportunity to display your personality or image. Whether it’s your collections, favorite finds or that sentimental piece, displaying these can be tricky. Many get lost and have no idea what to do so they do nothing. Don’t leave out this important step! Whether at home or in the workplace, I help you edit and/or add to your treasure troves to enhance the beauty of your spaces.